Our portfolio


FuelMedia leverages next-generation technology to connect with audiences at an optimal touchpoint during their day by delivering the message to their fuelling customers at the moment of maximum impact.


A decision making system for Astellas Pharma which provides well established data driven, criteria oriented solutions to help optimise and evaluate their investment decisions.

Galea Health

Galea connects athletes and organisations with mental health and performance support ranging from personalised educational resources to athlete-aligned professionals.


Velocity is Sentier Analytics’ first of its kind Analytic Operations as a Service (AOaaS) purpose built for commercial pharma which delivers frequent and accurate analytic insights.

Med Opinion

Med-opinion helps you diagnose better by collecting your medical history, injury type including all the relevant information and suggesting high qualified doctors available on the platform.

Box Actuarial

Box Actuarial helps their General Insurance clients to improve their pricing processes and enabling their move away from pricing that was fit for last century to pricing techniques that will keep them profitable in the coming decades.


A mobile application for parents to make sure that their children are kept in check in terms of their mobility.

DAYS (Data At Your Service)

A sophisticated data wrangling platform possesses the ability to efficiently ingest and process raw data, thus enhancing data quality and usability. With its robust features and intuitive interface, this platform empowers users to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of data manipulation.


A gym and wellness platform based in Turkey. Turp is a two-sided marketplace connecting gyms and spa services to individuals allowing them to keep track of their gym classes and fitness journey.