Top Five UI/UX Design Trends for 2022

A new year calls for new trends.

We asked our designers current trends and what could be roaring in the coming months.

Here are the top 5 trends in UI/UX Design for this year:

1. Dark Mode


We’ve seen operating systems and apps offering dark mode for a while now and it’s definitely not going away any time soon. Other than its modern and minimalistic look, dark mode offers advantages to users such that it saves battery, reduces eye-strain while using the device at night, minimises blue light, and reduces screen glare.

2. Creative Scrolling Experiences


Many web apps are adopting the parallax scrolling effect which adds illusion to the pages where the background content is in motion at different speeds that the foreground content. It draws users in and offers them to engage and interact with the website in a visual and fun way.

3. 3D


3D elements have recently been rising in popularity. Designers are incorporating 3D art to make a website stand out and to enhance the user experience. No doubt that realistic 3D animations and special effects are mesmerising and we’ll see more designers integrating these elements into websites in the future.

4. Brutalism


This style strives to give a raw and unadorned look with the use of geometrical shapes. Websites that adopt this design echo bold contrasting colors and eye-catching typography. It gives an aesthetic and thrilling adventure to users and some may even say that this style is completely opposite to the usual beautiful and functional web designs seen in the past years.

5. Data Visualization


What designers are doing nowadays is that they’re conveying data in a visually appealing way. Charts, graphs, maps, and bubbles are just some of the ways designers are showing data. They aim to simplify large amounts of data so the user can quickly make sense of the statistics in front of them.